AD - Child Dedication
Adventure Campus

Registration closed on Sunday, January 30, 2022

We at Bayside wanted to invite you to participate in Child Dedication

Community and family are the backbone of Bayside, and we want to protect that concept at its foundation. Family is a support system that we rely on, and that extends from the church family to the family unit. We want to support you at the core and provide resources for your family to flourish. Our hope at Bayside is that through Child Dedication, families will have the opportunity to come together, get connected, and build relationships. 

Child Dedication is a bold step of surrender that we honor deeply. Dedication is a sign of your desire to raise your child to know the love and truth of Jesus Christ. That concept is a pillar that we hold incredibly dear. As children grow in the church environment, they build their relationship with their Savior. They will have a deep and profound opportunity to know Jesus and how much He loves them. 

Our Bayside Kids team is here for you! Any way that we can help we would love to share with you and your family. We love your kids and we want them to know Jesus and that He loves them so much!

Ruthie Morrow

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